Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kat Von D Tattoo

While the acceptance of tattoos in the mainstream has been growing for some time, with about 15 percent of men in America sporting a tattoo, and 13 percent of women, the growing fame and celebrity of Kat Von D has really brought the art to a high level, as she, more than anybody, is definitely the face of tattooing to the masses.
Of course within the inner circles of the subculture there are many great artists which Kat herself respects and considers far more talented.

One in particular she has high regard for is Kore Flatmo, who has been her mentor and major inspiration.
That is true in some respects, but in her specific area she's up there at the top.
But because she's interesting, photogenic, and absolutely loves the art, she's quickly become the greatest marketing tool the genre has ever had.

I think what makes Kat Von D so marketable, isn't simply her dark beauty, which she definitely has, but she's able to appeal to the inner circle of the tattoo world and not be considered a sellout, while at the same time able to reach out to the average person and not be considered weird to the point of not being able to connect to her.
In other words, she's perfect for the job, and her passion for her craft allows her to represent it in a way that is real and not contrived. People always feel the passion of someone who really loves what they do, and that is part of the persona of Von D.

As far as her favorite personal tattoo? It's the star tattoos on the side of her head.
If Kat Von D chooses to, she can go as far as she wants, as doors are opening before her, and she's building out her brand in other areas like makeup, and also released her first book in early 2009 - High Voltage Tattoo.
What's amazing about this to me, is how design can be applied to so many areas, and things you would think are limited, can be taken far beyond what can be imagined.

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