Saturday, August 13, 2011

David Beckham Tattoos - Under the Ink

David Beckham is a well known soccer player who recently made the move from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles. A family man with a wife and three children, he likes to tell the story of his life by the tattoos he wears on his athletic body. He is well known for the large number of tattoos he wears. He actually has had all of them done by a tattoo artist in Manchester, England. This well known illustrator, who has gone to other countries to follow Beckham and do the work for him, is famous for his ability to respect the privacy of his clients as much as for his great artistic ability. The David Beckham tattoos show his history, particularly that of his family.

The David Beckham tattoos that are the most famous--though not necessarily the largest--are the ones that represent his family. He has had the name of each of his children tattooed somewhere on his back to mark their births. The name of his first born, Brooklyn, is on his lower back. His second son, Romeo, had his name tattooed slightly below the base of Beckham's neck and Cruz, his youngest son, has his name just below the guardian angel that sits on the upper half of Beckham's back. The guardian angel is there to look after his sons.

 The other David Beckham tattoos that can be seen are his wife's name, which is tattooed in Hindi on his left forearm. One of the questions that this has caused is how wise is it to use a language that is not your own when writing on your body. This came up when someone claimed that the name is spelled wrong on his arm. Under that tattoo is a phrase in Latin that means "so that I love and cherish." He also has a roman numeral on his right arm that stands for the number seven, which was the number he wore when he was still playing for Manchester. Directly under that he has another Latin phrase. This one means "spiritual perfection." In this last year, he has added some sleeve work as well as another phrase in Latin. Many of his fans, and his detractors, feel that these tattoos take away from his appearance, but others say as long as he plays well, who cares how he chooses to express himself?



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