Monday, August 15, 2011

Inside Ashton Kutcher's trailer or mobile estate Baby Girl for Two and A Half Men

  •  Ashton Kutcher trailer
  •  Kutcher's mobile estate

Ashton Kutcher trailerAshton Kutcher trailer
  • Mobile estate" trailer called the "Baby Girl"
  • Has granite kitchen, conference area
  • Previous residents: Mariah, Vin Diesel
ASHTON Kutcher's latest trailer costs a staggering $8,750 a week and it's easy to see why.
Size they say matters in Hollywood and Aston Kutcher's two-storey, 16-metres long and 30-tonne trailer luxury home for Two And A Half Men is described as a "mobile estate", the Daily Mail reported.
With side sections and a second floor that hydraulically emerge from the main body the "Baby Girl" boasts seven 152cm 3D plasma screens, a vast living area, two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite surfaces and a conference space.
After being sacked from Two And A Half Men, Charlie Sheen made a spoof film about trying to "rescue" his beloved trailer from the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, Los Angeles.
Designed by Ron Anderson of Anderson Mobile Estates, these mobile behemoths are built to the stars’ specifications. Previous "residents" have included Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Vin Diesel.
Kutcher is reported to be on a possible $20 million for 26 episodes, which is less than Sheen's $2 million a show deal before his sacking.
Cameras mounted on the outside of the trailer offer 360-degree video security and surveillance. When a visitor hits the doorbell, the volume on the stereo system and TV drops inside and the image of the visitor appears on the various screens located throughout. One client insisted on a thumb scanner entry system for the master bedroom.
The furniture is specially designed to fold or collapse in order to accommodate the retractable top and side sections. US law dictates that the height of the vehicle must be no more than 4.15 metres when on the road; with the second storey fully extended the "Baby Girl" stands 4.83 metres tall.
A new model called "The Sky Box" featuring a third storey is due to be unveiled soon.
Whilst shooting Men In Black III, actor Will Smith used a model called "The Heat". It was kitted out with a full recording studio, sound booth for voiceover work complete with glass door that sensors change from clear to opaque, a make-up mirror that doubles as a television (one of five 42in plasmas on board), a play area for his children and even a chess room.
In addition to his four rental vehicles - "Baby Girl", "The Heat", "Studio One" and "Aspen" - Anderson has sold nine of the mobile units to people he describes as "among the richest on the planet". The cost is $2 million each.

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